Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society

1 October 2016

MEETING OPENED: 10:40 am – President Ed Patton, presiding.


- Minutes: The July minutes are posted on the website. They are approved without additions or corrections. Note: Limewebs has been acquired by GoDaddy, resulting in the BIGS site being down for an indefinite transition period.

- Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's Report is to be posted on the website. It is accepted as written. Current balance stands at $2,891.78

- Membership: No report



Great changes are taking place in Ireland right now. They are experiencing major growth in genealogical services. All BMD records are now available on-line. New websites are appearing. Ed Patton recommends members visit <Ireland Reaching Out> to learn more.


PRESENTATION: “New Stuff Coming On-line” – E. Patton

Land Records for the northern counties are now available on-line. Google PRONI (Public Records Office of Northern Ireland) and go to Historical Records. Land records contain a great deal of family information. Marriage records are also available on this site.

The land records for the Republic will also be made available thru the National Library in the near future.

Ordinance Survey Maps can be located by googling ‘OS Ireland’.

Hints: When storing information on paper, use photographic paper rather than printer paper. The latter absorbs less ink and can fade very rapidly.

Information presently obtainable without cost can very easily disappear from the web, or, more likely, get absorbed onto a paid site. Ed Patton and John Blest strongly recommend capturing all such material as has the potential to be useful to you at some time in the future using the ‘snip it’ function on your computer. This information is safest when stored externally on a thumb drive or similar device.

NEXT MEETING: Annual Organizational Meeting

Saturday – 21 January 2017 @ 10:30 am,

Buffalo Irish Center Library

245 Abbott Rd, Buffalo, NY

M. E. O’Grady-Fabinsky