Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society

15 July 2014

MEETING OPENED: 6:05 pm - President Ed Patton, presiding.

- Minutes: The April minutes are posted on the website. They are approved without additions or corrections
- Treasurer's Report: Treasurer's Report accepted as written.
- Correspondence: No report.
- Membership: No report.
- Library Hours:
BIC Library: 1st Saturday, 10am - 2pm and 3rd Tuesday, 6pm - 9pm.
HDC Library: 2nd Saturday, 11am - 3pm, available to members only.
Diane Blaser is currently reviewing and organizing Stanley Soules' WWII correspondence. Members are encouraged to make use of the Soules Collection presently available at the HDC Library, 100 Lee Street.

Upcoming Meetings: - Saturday, 4 October 2014, 10:30 am - day changed to fist Saturday.
Saturday, 17 - January 2015, 10:30 am

501 (c) 3 Status: our application is still pending.
Holy Cross Cemetery Indexing Project: on hold until we access additional films.
Madison and Oneida County Obituaries: Kevin Duggan has indexed the collection and it is available for consultation at the BIC Library.

2014 Buffalo Irish Festival in August will be held at Canalside again this year. Mindful of the conditions encountered and last year's event, BIGS will have a very small presence at the festival, providing only information about the organization and its resources. If updated Surname List has been completed, it will be made available to interested parties.
Erie Railroad Records WNYRHS has possession of the early (1890-1929) personnel records of the Erie RR. BIGS has been asked to index them. They are currently in storage elsewhere but will soon be relocated to Lee Street. There are numerous RR records already kept at that location and negotiations are on-going for others.
BIC Library Problems have intensified in the past year. The room is used for an increasing variety of activities and access to BIGS equipment and materials is sometimes blocked. The noise level is frequently problematic - popular events such and dancing and bagpipe groups are not compatible with library research. The wi-fi service is not reliable. And, the genealogical collection is presently divided between the Abbott Road and Lee Street locations. If the Irish genealogical materials presently located at BIC were combined with the Lee Street collection, research days could be held at the latter location and the full scope of materials would be accessible. The remainder of the Irish Collection at BIC would remain in place and the genealogical materials would free up much needed space for items that cannot presently be shelved. BIGS would continue to provide access to non-genealogical Irish materials at the BIC Library upon request. A motion was made and seconded that the genealogical collection be entirely housed at 100 Lee St. Motion carried by unanimous vote. Members will be notified by e-mail when the move is complete and the BIGS meetings will be held at Lee Street.

"Who Do You Think You Are" will begin a new season on Wednesday, July 23rd at 9:00 pm on TheLearningChannel.
Raffle Tickets for a Trip to Ireland are available from Donna Shine.
Pennsylvania Death Records are now on Ancestry.com
Forest Lawn Genealogy Center construction has been completed.


NEXT MEETING: Saturday, October 4th at 10:30 am - location to be announced.

M. E. O'Grady-Fabinsky