Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society
21 January 2017

MEETING OPENED: 10:55 am – President Ed Patton, presiding.

- Minutes: Covered at 10:30 Organizational Meeting.
- Treasurer's Report: Covered at 10:30 Organizational Meeting.
- Membership: All current one-year memberships expire at the end of March. Renewals must be received before April 1st. Dues are $20 individual and $30 family. Please remit to Donna Shine.

Library: The President provided a brief history of the establishment of the BIGS Library at Lee Street.
Railroad Records: This database continues to grow. An index of the contents will be made available through Ancestry.com in the near future.
Soules Collection: In addition to the wealth of genealogical and historical materials in the Soules bequest, there are numerous items with no relevance to BIGS’ objectives. Jim Shine is in the process of identifying and valuing each item. They, along with duplicate books, will be sold. The proceeds are to be used to support the BIGS/HDC Library.
Buffalo Irish Center Library: The staffing plan to keep this library open after the relocation of the genealogy collection to the Lee Street location has not proven effective. The BIGS membership are supportive of the BIC Library remaining viable. Donna Shine and Catherine Carey have volunteered to deal with the current backlog of donated material. However, we are not in a position to staff the area on a continuing basis. The BIC Board will be asked to describe the long-term goals for the library, both materials and space utilization. Catherine Carey will obtain this information for BIGS so that members can determine where we can be most useful.

NEW BUSINESS: Ed Patton and Jim Shine are developing training in the area of accessing on-line genealogy services.
Kevin O’Brien proposes that we plan a monthly genealogy event to be held at the HDC. He recommends the first Wednesday of each month as the building is regularly available then. Programs will begin in March.


NEXT MEETING: Saturday – 15 April 2017 @ 10:30 am, Heritage Discovery Center Library 100 Lee Street, Buffalo, NY

M. E. O’Grady-Fabinsky