Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society 16 January 2016

MEETING OPENED: 11:10 am - President Ed Patton, presiding.


- Minutes: October minutes are posted on the website. They are approved without additions or corrections
- Treasurer's Report: The Treasurer's Report is posted on the website. It is accepted as written. Current balance stands at $2,429.41.
- Membership: Annual dues for all members must be received by the Treasurer prior to march 31st.


- Library: Jim Boyle (phone - 873-1078) has assumed responsibility for management of the BIC Library. The HDC Library continues to be accessible to BIGS members only. Public opening is planned for the near future
-Railroad Records Project: The Erie RR records continue to be processed. Additional material has been transferred from the University of Cleveland for inclusion in the Railroad Database. Volunteers are needed to assist with processing there materials. We anticipate being asked to house additional material in the near future. The size of our combined genealogical/railroad history collection has already exceeded the available library space. The large conference room will be added to the library, with plans to occupy more to the second floor in future.
-Ed Patton reports that he has been approached by Ancestry, Inc. seeking access to our railroad information. The establishment of a link on their website directing researchers to our material is under discussion.
- "Times": Articles and Queries for the "Times" are always welcome and may be submitted to Kevin O'Brien.

NEW MEMBER: Sarah Newton researching Lalley and Moran in County Mayo and Wilkes Barre, Pennsylvania. Discussion followed regarding emigration from Ireland to Wilkes Barre for work in the coal mines and steel industry and subsequent migration to WNY as the steel industry became established here.


- Ed Patton and Kevin O'Brien strongly encourage all members to consider obtaining their DNA as well as that of their parents, if possible. The information this can provide is both interesting and useful, and the cost is coming down.
- John Blest has selected one of the men in the Sons of Erin Minute Book and is tracing his family to> the present. He has gotten to the 1930s so far. The results of this effort will be summarized in an article for the Times.
- Members working on the railroad personnel files report that they are uncovering some very interesting and poignant information. The results of this effort will also be turned into articles for the Times.
- Donna Shine explained about keeping a grave active, something she learned on a recent trip to France. There she was instructed to be certain to place a stone or other token on the marker of the grave being visited. This lets the cemetery staff know that the grave is still active - being visited by someone - and should remain intact. When a grave shows no sign of being active for a specified period of time, the remains and marker may be removed and the grave resold.


NEXT MEETING: Saturday - 16 April 2016, 10:30 - 11:00 am Business Meeting.
Both events will take place at the HDC, 100 Lee St, Buffalo, NY

M. E. O'Grady-Fabinsky