Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society

16 April 2016

MEETING OPENED: 10:45 am – President Ed Patton, presiding.

- Minutes: January minutes are posted on the website. They are approved without additions or corrections
- Treasurer's Report: It is accepted as written.
- Membership: Annual dues have been received for all but 14 current BIGS members. Paid up enrollment presently stands at 120.

Library: The library volunteers have been very busy indexing the Erie-Lackawanna records. Over 9,000 have been completed. An additional 1,300 are partially completed. BIGS will be taking over some files from the Erie-Lackawanna RR Society
The National Canal Museum has turned over part of its collection to our library.
The Steamtown Museum will turn over its digitized records to us as well.
DNA Testing: Individuals who are interested in DNA testing are encouraged to do so. Members who have completer DNA tests have found them very helpful.


The annual Gathering of the Clans was held immediately following the business meeting.

NEXT MEETING: Tuesday - 19 April 2016, 6:00 pm, 100 Lee St, Buffalo, NY

M. E. O'Grady-Fabinsky