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Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society (BIGS)

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Meetings split between the Buffalo Irish Center, 245 Abbott Rd., Buffalo, NY 14220 and the Heritage Discovery Center, 100 Lee St., Buffalo, NY 14210

Video interview with Donna Shine by WGRZ 2news regarding BIGS and St Patrick's Day - click here.

Next BIGS Meetings & Research Opportunity Day DATES:

Research Opportunity Days are held to discuss your specific research problems. Please share what area of your research you are stuck on and see whether members can network to give you new avenues to follow. If you have no problem areas with your research, then please come to help solve other's problems. That's what we do...help each other. There is no business meeting held and no minutes taken on these dates - just research done.

Here are some reminders and items for you to mark on your calendar:

Please MARK YOUR CALENDARS with the above 4 quarterly meeting dates, place and times.
The BUFFALO IRISH TIMES also lists dates and times in several different places for your convenience

ITEM #2: 501(c)3 tax deductions
Please keep in mind that all donations to BIGS are tax deductible. Thank you to the members who have been donating!

ITEM #3: BIGS' 20th Anniversary coming
Next year, Oct. 2017, marks 20 years that BIGS has been in existence. 1997-2017! If you have any ideas for a commemoration, please forward them to Donna Shine. It would be nice to let BUFFALO know that we ARE HERE, TOO!

Remember, The Buffalo IRISH TIMES is our FREE vehicle to post queries, stories, and genealogical information, or even stories of how BIGS has helped you in your research.
  Send in your stories to buffaloirishtimes@gmail.com as soon as you can...even before the deadlines to assure that you get printed in a specific edition.

ITEM #5: 2017 DUES
If you have not paid your 2017 BIGS dues by March 31st, PLEASE, send in payment as soon as possible. April 1st is when ALL membership cards expire for unpaid members. Your BUFFALO IRISH TIMES subscription will be canceled and your name will be deleted from our lists. Those who have paid, THANK YOU. For those who, for their own personal reasons, do not renew, THANK YOU for your past support.

* Membership Application - To Print off a Membership Application for BIGS in Adobe PDF format click here and mail it to BIGS, 245 Abbott Road, Buffalo NY 14220. Make checks payable to "BIGS". Note new annual ARIL 1st renewal date. If you can't print it just write the requested info on a sheet of paper and mail it in. NOTE: It is not necessary to be a member of BIGS in order to attend a meeting here in Buffalo, NY. If you are looking for help, please be sure to bring all the family information you have. Newcomers are most welcome!

BIGS was established in 1997 to concentrate all of our members' resources & publications and to maintain a list of these items, thereby establishing a wealth of information that will be available to all of us and obtainable via friendly inter-member networking.

We currently have about 125 active members who are enjoying our network. Your are cordially invited to join us and take full advantage of all our resources. As a highly respected non-profit organization, all membership fees, and donations, are tax deductible.

  • Obtain guidance no matter where you live.
  • Receive bi-monthly issues of: "The Buffalo Irish Times."
  • Submit queries that will also appear on this website. click here.
  • Vote for elected BIGS officials.
  • Assist with special events and projects.

    Gathering of the Clans -

    The Buffalo Irish Genealogical Society (BIGS) host a annual "Gathering of the Clans" usually in April at the HDC (Heritage Discovery Center), 100 Lee St (between South Park and Elk streets - 5 minutes from the Buffalo Irish Center) in Buffalo, NY, from 11:00 AM to 3:00 PM. (A thirty minute business meeting will precede the event.) We will be hosting a GENEALOGICAL SEISIUN.


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    Want to participate in Buffalo's St Patrick's Day Parade?: click here.

    Buffalo Irish Center, the cultural home for the Irish American Become a member of the Buffalo Irish Center, the cultural home for the Irish American Community, by joining the GAELIC AMERICAN ATHLETIC ASSOCIATION (G.A.A.A.) Initial membership fee is $150.00 with an annual renewal fee of only $25.00. Membership may be listed as individual or husband and wife with one voting right. Your membership includes a subscription to the BUFFALO IRISH TIMES, GAAA Newsletters, reduced rental of halls, voting rights and more. Dues must be paid yearly by March 31st to maintain active membership status. For further Information Email:mary@buffaloirishcenter.com

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  • 'Against the Grain, The History of Buffalo's First Ward' History of Buffalo's First Ward', was written by author Timothy Bohen with input from several BIGS members. Copies are available at the Dog Ears Bookstore on Abbott Road, or through the website

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